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Flow Visualization and Measurement

Flow Visualization and Measurement


Flow Visualization and Measurement


Flow visualization and measurement technology is mainly used to qualitatively observe surface or space flowfield structures like flow state and vortex, as well as quantitatively measure surface pressure field, temperature field, friction field, spatial velocity field and so on, consequently achieving fine measurement of flowfield information. It plays an important role in flow mechanism analysis and investigation.


Qualitative Observation

Traditional qualitative observation technique mainly aims to qualitatively observe surface or space flow state, which is used to analyze flow topology structure and diagnose flowfield. Now AVIC ARI has the ability of schlieren technology, colorful/fluorescence oil flow, laser sheet technology, fluorescence tuft technology and so on.


Schlieren Technology


       Schlieren visualization technology can visualize density gradation in the flow field, often used to observe shock waves around aircraft forebody, aftbody and inlet lip. AVIC ARI high/low speed wind tunnels are equipped with single color/colorful schlieren technology.

Colorful/fluorescence oil flow technology


Based on conventional oil flow test technology, AVIC ARI masters colorful oil flow visualization technology and applies it successfully to model test, and built FL-2 wind tunnel (colorful/fluorescence) oil flow test system. FL-3 wind tunnel dynamic fluorescence oil flow model test was completed in 2014, which system can also be applied in all wind tunnels in AVICARI.

Laser sheet technology


       Laser sheet visualization system is mainly composed of sheet formation system, acquisition visualization system, tracer particle delivery system. This system is often used in low speed wind tunnel to observe spatial flowfield structure, like delta wing wake vortex structure and high angle of attack flow separation and so on.

Fluorescence tuft technology


       Fluorescence tuft technology means stick a bunch of filaments of appropriate length on the observed surface region, and point flow direction is indicated by every filament at the very position. This technology is usually used to judge attachment flow and separation flow, as well as visualize spatial concentrated vortex.


Quantitative measurement

With the rapid development of computer vision, photoelectric technology and picture processing technology, various advanced flow visualization technologies are developed rapidly, achieving transformation from qualitative observation to quantitative measurement and from steady measurement to unsteady measurement, making the fine measurement of velocity field, pressure/temperature field and other main parameters available. At present, AVIC ARI is equipped with kinds of advanced flowfield visualization measurement technology, and can finely measure complex spatial velocity field, pressure/temperature field and friction field, satisfying requirements of advanced aerodynamic configuration wind tunnel validation and other special wind tunnel tests.

Velocity field measurement (PIV-Particle Image Velocimetry)



Velocity range: Ma=0~2.0
Multiple measurement methods: 2D-PIV, SPIV(2D3C), TOMO-PIV, TR-PIV
Now low speed wind tunnels (FL-5, FL-8, FL-9) and high speed wind tunnels(FL-1,FL-7,FL-3) are equipped with PIV test ability, and have accomplished many model test campaigns.


Pressure measurement (PSP—Pressure Sensitive Paint)


The full set of core technology is mastered: from paint development, light path layout design, data processing technology, to 360°measurement
Precision Index: Ma=0.4, |△Cp|≦0.03; Ma=0.6, |△Cp|≦0.02; Ma≧0.8, |△Cp|≦0.01

Temperature measurement ( IR&TSP—Infra Red & Temperature Sensitive Paint)


With IR and TSP technology, model whole surface temperature field measurement is achievable, and then fine measurement of aerodynamic heat parameter and boundary layer transition position is achievable.

Deformation measurement (VDM—Video Deformation Measurement technology)


Video Image measurement system is AVIC ARI self-developed angle and wing deformation real-time measurement technique suitable for high/low speed wind tunnels. The measurement system is mainly composed of two high-definition digit cameras, electric-driven zoom lenses, zoom lenses controller, active luminescence marker, high-brightness fluorescence marker, high speed computer and acquisition computing software. 3dimensional spatial coordinates of the target point is measured real-time using robot 3D vision principle, and model angle and deformation are obtained by a series of computation.

Skin friction field measurement (digital fluorescence oil flow technology)


Based on traditional oil flow visualization, AVIC ARI research team projects the captured fluorescence photo, using 3D stereo vision and optical flow technology, to 3D model surface grids, and obtains digital flow pattern by using oil film equation to compute skin friction distribution, and then accurately and quantitatively judge the surface topology structure like flow separation.span>



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