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Ground Icing Test


Ground Icing Test




With the abilities of engine-related parts testing and validation, and based on self-developed mobile icing wind tunnel devices, AVICARI can conduct airworthiness certification test of related terms. Up to now, AVICARI has provided service to ARJ21-700 aircraft by assisting airworthiness certification of term 25.1093b(Ⅱ).

AVICARI has established cooperation with Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali (CIRA), and several cooperation projects have been carried out in icing field. Icing wind tunnel test service belongs to the cooperation field, and AVICARI can use CIRA icing wind tunnel to provide related service to our customer. CIRA has the most advanced icing wind tunnel(2.5m×2.5m) in the world, which is capable of various icing related tests, including 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional icing test, air intake system icing test and anti/de-icing system test. So far CIRA has provided test support to multi types of aircraft icing research and airworthiness certification in the worldwide. Furthermore, AVICARI 0.6m research icing wind tunnel came into service in 2015, which is designed strictly according to SAE ARP5905 standards, and can provide aircraft icing research with high quality test conditions.


Depending on accumulation of key technology like spray system design and wind tunnel system design, AVICARI is gradually capable of domestic advanced icing-related test facilities design and manufacture. For requirements on engine nacelle anti-icing ability in certification term 25.1093b(Ⅱ), AVICARI and Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute jointly designed 'mobile icing wind tunnel', which fills domestic gaps and provides airworthiness compliance verification condition to aircrafts. For large size icing spray facility requirement of helicopters, AVICARI has developed first domestic icing spray tower for China Helicopter Research and Development Institute, which can cover a icing cloud range of 35m(length)×28m(width)×4m(height), and provide 1093 and 1419 term-related airworthiness certification service to CCAR sectors 27 and 29. By continuous technology development, AVICARI has established the icing-related facilities design ability including icing wind tunnel, icing climate room, ground spray tower, engine icing test bench and so on.

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