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Propeller Slipstream Simulation

Propeller Slipstream Simulation


Propeller Slipstream Simulation


AVICARI has established wind tunnel testing technology for high/low speed intake and exhaust, power simulation, jet/thrust vector and propeller slipstream testing, and can satisfy various power simulation testing requirements.

Jets/Thrust Vector Simulation


AVICARI has established relatively completed jets/thrust vector wind tunnel testing technology, with low speed wind tunnel capable of whole aircraft ventral sting support test, high angle of attack dorsal sting support test, single nozzle performance measurements, forces measurements of single model aftbody with vector jets; while high speed wind tunnel capable of half model support test , wingtip support test, whole aircraft ventral sting support test and nozzle performance test.
Intake and Exhaust Power Simulation—TPS


Turbine Power Simulator (TPS) is the most advanced simulator used in present international carrier engine intake and exhaust simulation wind tunnel test, and is broadly applied in developed countries. AVICARI has carried out TPS calibration and wind tunnel testing technology research in FL-8 wind tunnel since "Tenth-five-year". Based on existing power simulation air source system, power simulator calibration system and TPS air supply system are established, while three turbine Power Simulators (TPS) and their control and lubrication systems are imported. Several times of wind tunnel tests of TPS, ejector, flowmeter and so on are carried out in calibration system for research, and several wind tunnel tests of half model carrier with TPS are carried out in FL-8 wind tunnel. Results show that the development of half model with TPS testing device in FL-8 is successful and the results are reasonable.

Propeller Slipstream



AVIC ARI propeller slipstream wind tunnel test was first conducted at the end of 1960s, which used domestic DC motor as propeller driven device and initiated domestic propeller aircraft power simulation wind tunnel test research. In 1980s, high-frequency motor and its control system were imported from America, whose diameter is only 90mm and power is 15kw, totally satisfying propeller power simulation wind tunnel test requirements at that time. Up to now, large amounts of aircraft slipstream wind tunnel tests have been conducted in FL-8 wind tunnel, such as Seaplane series, Y-7 series, Y-8 series, Y-11, Y-12, N-5, UAVs and ground effect aircrafts, as well as slipstream test for research project.

After decades of development, AVIC ARI has established complete propeller slipstream wind tunnel testing technology, and is capable of conducting wind tunnel tests for propeller aerodynamic characteristics measurements and influence measurements of propeller slipstream on whole aircraft characteristics.

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