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News Center

News Center

AVIC ARI unmanned flight test platform completes maiden flight
In November, 2019, AVIC ARI successfully conducted the maiden flight test for the first unmanned flight test platform under the conditions of rainfall, low temperature and low visibility. 22
FL-10 wind tunnel equipped with lateral continuous measurement capability
Lateral continuous measurement system based on fiber optic gyroscope developed independently by AVIC ARI was installed in FL-10 wind tunnel and was adopted in one test campaign performed in November, 2019 for the customer.
New test section for icing test equipped in FL-61 wind tunnel
In August 2019, the 0.6m×0.6m continuous transonic wind tunnel, FL-61 wind tunnel, was newly equipped with one 1.2m(width)×0.6m(height) test section for icing research and testing.
FL-9 Wind Tunnel Technical Progress: High Reynolds Number Intake Test
Clean room built for balance gauging in AVIC ARI
The industrial clean room for balance gauging was built in August 2019. It aims to improve the accuracy of balance and increase the reliability of wind tunnel test data.
FL-10 wind tunnel anechoic chamber put into use
Release time:
2019-07-30 16:41
The construction of the anechoic chamber in FL-10 wind tunnel was completed in May, 2019. Aeroacoustic test requirement was fully taken into account during design period of FL-10 wind tunnel. Low nois
Wind tunnel test of skiing jumping campaigned in FL-8 wind tunnel
In May, 2019, one wind tunnel test campaign on ski jumpers was carried out in FL-8 wind tunnel of AVIC ARI.
FL-10 open test section flow calibrated
Release time:
2019-05-28 10:16
Free flight test performed in large FL-10 wind tunnel of AVIC ARI
FL-51 high angle of attack force testing system
Release time:
2019-02-20 16:49
Afterappliedinseveralresearchprograms,thehighangleofattacktestingsystemwasadoptedinoneforcetestcampaignperformedinFL-51windtunnelinJuly,2018fortheindustrycustomer.Itsresultishighlyrecognized. FL-51win