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FL-10 wind tunnel anechoic chamber put into use

FL-10 wind tunnel anechoic chamber put into use

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2019/07/30 16:41
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The construction of the anechoic chamber in FL-10 wind tunnel was completed in May, 2019. Aeroacoustic test requirement was fully taken into account during design period of FL-10 wind tunnel. Low noise fans, power section noise reduction and anechoic turning vanes were adopted to achieve the low background noise in the wind tunnel. The net space of the anechoic chamber is 47m(length)×31m(width)×22m(height).

The completed anechoic chamber of 8-meter low speed wind tunnel

To eliminate acoustic reflection, about 7700 metal acoustic wedges are used in the ceiling, floor and side walls of the anechoic chamber except for some secondary reflection area. Its coverage area is 4900 m².For some secondary reflection area, metal sound absorption plate is used. Acoustic treatment is also applied in the contraction section, collector and hydraulic rear sting support of FL-10 wind tunnel .

The dimension of FL-10 wind tunnel’s open test section is 8m(width)×6m(height)×20m(length), and the maximum wind speed is 85m/s. With the anechoic chamber, FL-10 wind tunnel can perform the aeroacoustic test for fuselage, rotor and propeller. Together with 4m ×4m microphone phase array, 1/4 circular array, ground linear array, wall linear array ,etc, FL-10 wind tunnel can serve for low-noise design and verification.