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Φ1.5 m Low Speed Open Single Circuit Wind Tunnel (FL-5)


Φ1.5 m Low Speed Open Single Circuit Wind Tunnel (FL-5)

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Φ1.5 m Low Speed Open Single Circuit Wind Tunnel (FL-5)



FL-5, a Φ1.5 m low speed open single circuit wind tunnel, maintains a good flow field quality suiting to research tests, and is mainly used to do low speed aerodynamic fundamental research test currently.

Main Performance:

Test section size:Φ1.5 m
Max velocity:50m/s



Conventional force test/pressure test, Two dimensional airfoil test, Ground effect test, Hinge-moment test, Flow visualization and measurement, Parachute test, Ejection lifesaving device test, External Store force test, Unsteady pressure distribution test and so on. Industrial aerodynamic test in wind tunnel includes Building structure test, Automobile test, Protection forest test, Skiing test and so forth.