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4.5m×3.5m Low Speed Open/Closed Circuit Wind Tunnel (FL-51)


4.5m×3.5m Low Speed Open/Closed Circuit Wind Tunnel (FL-51)

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4.5m×3.5m Low Speed Open/Closed Circuit Wind Tunnel (FL-51)



FL-51, a low speed single circuit wind tunnel with open/closed interchangeable test sections, is international advanced 4m scale industrial wind tunnel.

Main Performance:

Test section size:4.5 m×3.5m, interchangeable open/closed test sections
Max velocity:100m/s (closed), 85m/s (open)


single-strut ventral sting support, Semi-quadrant rear sting support , wire suspension and half model support.




Force / pressure test, Ground effect test, Hinge-moment test, Component force test, Dynamic derivative test, Rotary balance test, Large amplitude oscillation test, Slipstream test, Flutter test, Laser sheet test, PIV etc.