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      AVIC Aerodynamics Research Institute (AVIC ARI) is affiliated to Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) and is the unique aerodynamic research institution in AVIC. AVIC ARI was established in 2000 by merging AVIC Shenyang Aerodynamics Research Institute with AVIC Harbin Aerodynamics Research Institute. We focus on aviation aerodynamic design, numerical simulation and evaluation, wind tunnel tests including various types of Chinese aircrafts, high speed trains and other civil facilities, and mating facility design and construction. AVIC ARI can provide comprehensive aerodynamic services to domestic and worldwide clients.
       FL-2 and FL-8 wind tunnels , contributing a lot to Chinese aircraft developments, have conducted over hundreds of thousands tests with almost all key aircrafts, for more than half a century along with the development of Chinese aviation industry. AVIC ARI has won over 100 provincial or national science and technology progress prizes and was awarded “Significant contributing Institution of Chinese Aviation Industry”.
     “In the later period of “Eleventh-five-year”, AVIC ARI set development vision of “To become the major promoter and leader in the research and development of aviation aerodynamics in China, and to become an international famous aviation aerodynamic research institution with Chinese characteristics”. We commit ourselves in capacity building, make overall planning for Shenyang and Harbin, have 6 wind tunnels under construction in addition to the original 7 existing wind tunnels, and exert efforts to establish “One Institutes, Two places, Four Districts” wind tunnel group to form a wider range of aerodynamic test capabilities. AVIC ARI integrates personnel innovatively to build comprehensive research teams with specific technical characteristics and development direction in different research areas that have broken through in the research of unsteady aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, flow visualization, icing, propeller slipstream simulation and so forth. AVIC ARI seeks international cooperation actively, besides, conducts a series of international cooperation projects and establishes cooperation relations with several world famous institutions covering TsAGI in Russia, ONERA in France, CIRA in Italy, DLR in Germany, DNW in the Netherlands, ARA , UoC and UoS in England, WMU in America, HKUST in Hongkong and so on.
      Under the guidance of AVIC development strategy “Two Integrations, Three Innovations, Five Upgrades, One Trillion”, AVIC ARI closely keeps around the development route of “One Vision, Two Systems, Three Capabilities, Four Foundations”, seizes opportunities, rides the tide, and strives to realize the transition from a single aerodynamics tester to a comprehensive aerodynamic service provider including testing and CFD, research and design, and it is bound to make greater contribution to Chinese aviation industry development.

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